M u l t i d i s i p l i n a r y   a r t i s t   
w o r k i n g   w i t h   
p e o p l e ,   p l a c e s ,   a n d   h a b i t a t s . 

Stephanie is an artist and designer who creates sculpture and site specific installations for public, exterior and interior spaces. Her work is concerned with: addressing the growing disconnect between our human selves and the natural landscape; exploring highly tactile surfaces as an antidote to the omnipresence of screens and technology; creating work that is imbued with a sense of place through materiality and form; creating objects which trigger emotional responses and interaction through multi-sensory exploration; using reclaimed materials in innovative ways to question how we value ‘waste’; and engaging children and young people in the creative exploration of the natural world. 

Commissioners and Collaborators include:

MUF Architects

Gingko Projects

The New Craftsmen

Pierre Yovanovitch Architects

Somerset House

The British Council

The National Trust

Avon Wildlife

Alongside this, she is a co-founder of the arts organisation Studio Meraki (est. 2016), whose focus is to improve public spaces and strengthen communities through the use of creative engagement projects and community led design. Funders include the Arts Council and the National Lottery.See more at www.studiomeraki.org